Olivier started to work as professional cameraman in 2011 covering news and current affairs in Thailand and Burma. Since then he has filmed from the frontlines of the Libyan revolution as well as the war in Syria and the spillover of that conflict in Lebanon and Jordan. Olivier was also in Gaza in 2012 during the war with Israel, accompanied French troops deployed to combat jihadists in Mali and covered the Central African Republic at the height of the interethnic violence before travelling on to Ukraine at the start of the armed uprising where he spent six months documenting the war in the east, from both sides of the battle lines. His camera has also been trained on the European refugee crisis from the Balkans to Hungary, Croatia, Italy and France. Based in London, Olivier covered the terror attacks in Paris and in Brussels. He is currently focusing on the fight against ISIS and the battle for Mosul in Iraq.

Olivier’s background in photography provides a strong basis for visual storytelling and his ambition it to create content that speaks directly to the viewer through compelling stories with a cinematic eye and a human touch.


2017 - Winner of Best Short Film at One World Media Awards 

2016 - Awarded finalist certificate at the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards

2016 - Nominated for the Royal Television Society Camera Operator of the Year Award

2015 - Finalist in the Rory Peck Award for News

2009 - Honorable Mention LensCulture Exposure Awards